The Golden Rules of Event Styling

Outdoor eventMany factors that make an event successful, but the one that makes it memorable is how it looks. Think about it: in the wedding reception or gala dinner you last attended in New York, you most likely still remember that exquisite table decor, how the mix and match of colors and flowers was a visual feast. For sure, you posted it on Instagram.

The key to making an event look memorable is impeccable event styling. It’s an art that’s difficult to pull off, but one that has basic principles that can guide you through. Here are the golden rules of event styling:

Start with the Venue

While it’s tempting to go straight to the details of table decors, the best way to tackle such a grand task of styling an event is to start with the venue. It is the foundation of your event. Its structure, architecture, finishings and existing furnishings affect how you will decorate the whole space.

The floor layout, wall colors, and flooring will guide (sometimes also limit) your choices in supplemental decorations, table and seating plan, color palettes, and so forth. Good event styling is making every detail tie together. If your opinion counts in choosing a venue, select a location that gives the best visual and functional advantages. If you’re planning an event in the Big Apple, find an established event location in New York that matches your vision for the event.

Use Lighting to Enhance the Mood and Aesthetics

Good lighting is necessary for creating the mood of any event. For instance, natural light rouses up people at a wedding reception, whereas mood lighting adds drama to a gala dinner. Maximize natural light or go for artificial lights, depending on the type of the event you’re planning and your venue. If you’re holding it in the evening or an enclosed space, you can use chandeliers and candles as these also add stylish touches, especially in red carpet events.

Keep in mind that excellent lighting is also key to taking good event photos. A word of advice: When lights at your venue, have a photographer on standby.

Mix Colors and Textures

The number one rule in pulling off designs is to play with colors and textures. Metals, flower petals, and fabrics, for example, make for beautiful and chic table centerpieces. They bring visual variety and therefore become an instant point of interest for the seated guests. Do the same — mix materials, textures, and colors — for your entrance and wall decor.

Creative event styling makes any event memorable. The next time you dress up your venue, make sure to apply these rules.

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