Wedding Ring Trends You Should Check Out

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are iconic reminders of couples’ vows to love each other forever. However, rings, just like any piece of jewellery, change with time and follow the whims of fashion. And jewellery stores capture these fashion trends in their latest wedding ring collection.

Keeping Up with 2018

This year has been all about making a statement and getting heard. In relation to wedding rings, there is no longer a need for the bride and groom to have a complementing pair. Individualised wedding rings allow couples to choose whatever suits them best, individually. These also allow them to wear these jewellery pieces just like any everyday accessory. For example, the bride’s ring can be rose gold while the groom’s ring can have a football motif.

Another trend is the use of different colour schemes. A white and black his-and-hers set is just as lovely and significant as matching rings. Complementary designs are also used, with different coloured metals for the rings’ inner and outer bands, and the companion ring in reverse colours.

Unique in Every Way

These trends are a different interpretation of the traditional wedding vow. With a distinct difference between husband and wife, the rings acknowledge the individuality of man and woman living as a married couple.

There are other breaks with tradition in the way rings are set, or stones are used. There are more stones oriented ‘east-west’, for instance. Instead of traditional stones set across the band, some rings now have the stones aligned parallel to the band. In the same manner, new cuts of stones are being used. Trillion-cut stones are more common, as well as hexagonal and pear-shaped stones.

Wedding rings are a sign of commitment and long-lasting love between married couples. It is their unique reminder to live as husband and wife, to love and cherish for life. Wedding rings reflect that unique bond from the moment they exchange vows.

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