Temperature Tantrums: Science-Backed Reasons You Get Grumpier When It’s Hot

irritated man holding his forehead

It’s an accepted reality that hot temperatures make people hot-headed. But, have you ever wondered what’s in the heat that makes people grumpier? Yes, the easy answer is it’s uncomfortable, but uncomfortably cold temperatures don’t result in the same emotional reactions.

Apparently, science has a lot of explanations for these tantrums in the heat. Here are the scientific reasons you get irritable when it’s hot — and how you can win over the heat:

1. You are literally hot-headed

When it’s hot, the body directs more blood to the skin’s surface to cool you off. This means there will be lack of oxygen in your brain region, which as you know, is the center that regulates emotions and impulses.

Thus, you tend to be more aggressive when you’re in a hot room or prone to road rage when driving down the highway under the heat of the sun. If you could keep yourself indoors when it’s hot, better.

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2. Your stress hormones are up

Some researchers also have found that stress hormones are significantly higher in hotter weathers and seasons. When you’re under so much stress, you’re in the fight-or-flight mode, so it’s easy to unleash that aggression in this situation.

To prevent this, master stress-relieving techniques, such as breathing exercises, when you feel worked up. Of course, if you can avoid the heat and keep yourself cool, then your stress hormones won’t have to get so giddy.

So, as it turns out, hot temperatures have a significant link to grouchy attitudes. But this doesn’t mean you may lash out on everybody under the heat of the sun. Keep yourself calm by cooling off with water, your AC and stress-relieving techniques.

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