Avoid Getting Blindsided by a Divorce

a couple signing divorce papers

It’s easy to think that it takes significant events to rock a marriage to the point of a divorce. In most cases, it often comes from a buildup of small issues that breed resentment. Without the right help, divorce can be long and stressful, explains shaynelaw.com, but there is a need to face the hard truth when the situation calls for it.

“I want a divorce,” these words often come as a shock to many spouses. Most people mistakenly believe that marriages dissolve as a result of infidelity, domestic abuse or even money problems. While these are some of the well-known causes, they are hardly the major players.

Recent studies indicate poor communication accounts for over 65 percent of the failed marriages. Most people are surprised to realize that it’s such small issues that took such a heavy toll in their lives.

To avoid paying a hefty price, here are some credible ways to keep the fire alive:

Set a date night

Before rolling your eyes and dismissing the idea, take a minute and reflect on your first date. The nervousness, the butterflies in the stomach, you know the fluttering in the heart when you caught them stealing glances? Do you still feel that? Probably not as the novelty wears off after some time.

Instead of hanging on to the old memories, take every opportunity to build new ones and in the process rekindle your romance. Depending on your schedule, you can have a weekly date night, every fortnight, or even once a month.

Help around the house

After a long day at the office, the last thing you want is more chores. You want to kick back and put up your feet and enjoy a quiet evening. Unfortunately, that is what most people do much to the chagrin of their spouses. Chores around the house might be overwhelming and would require all-hands-on-deck.

The refusal to pitch in can cause a tension between partners. Over time, tension turns into resentment, which snowballs and becomes a constant friction point. If it leads to a breakdown in communication, things can only go downhill from there. Helping around the house demonstrates that you care for your partner and this makes them feel loved and cherished.

One way to keep the fire burning in your marriage is to make small thoughtful gestures that demonstrate care and affection. Unmistakably, the build of minor issues in a relationship often causes resentment, and this sets off a chain of unfortunate events that ruin a marriage.

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