Parenting 101: 4 Essential Areas Parents Must Prioritize

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A lot of people consider parenting as a blessing. Being able to take on the responsibility of raising a child is a life-changing event that can help you mature. In a way, you will be growing up as your child develops into an adult.

Parenting, however, is a task that can be intimidating for first-time parents since they have no idea how to adjust to such a life-changing role. They need to make a lot of preparations, especially during the pregnancy stage.

Raising a child requires attention and planning. You will be the primary teachers and role models as your kid grows up, which means that you have to be responsible for everything you do or say. To help make the job easier for you, here are a few areas to prioritise in raising a decent kid.


There is nothing in the world that a kid needs more than staying healthy. Babies are fragile and underdeveloped, which means that they require supervision from an adult. Full-grown people can take the brunt of a simple slip and fall. A child, however, can suffer from injuries that could affect their long-term health. Take responsibility in providing a safe and healthy environment for a child, starting with these home adjustments:

  • Barricade the staircase
  • Take hazardous objects out of their sight
  • Place electrical wiring away from the ground
  • Keep fragile items out of their reach
  • Add cushions on sharp furniture
  • Remove slip and trip hazards all over the house
  • Keep kitchen area inaccessible

These renovations will help protect your baby from harm, but it is not the only component of health you have to prioritise. A kid’s body will require nutrition to develop, which means that healthy meals are necessary. Children need fruits, vegetables, milk, and other nutritious products to improve their immune system and fitness. It is ideal to consult with a health professional to give you the necessary information regarding a kid’s diet. If you can raise your kid as a healthy person, you managed to accomplish almost half of your job.


Education is the first thing in mind when couples talk about the necessary expenses that come with raising a child. You are responsible for paying for their education for the first 18 years of their lives. While there are loans and scholarship grants available, parents must focus on brainstorming for schools and on saving enough money for tuition.

When a kid starts to go to school, their parent also needs to become a teacher. It is vital to develop your baby’s mind by starting with the basics. Alphabets and numbers are the usual things you can teach, but you can also use tools like:

  • Children’s coloring books and pop-up storybooks
  • Educational toys
  • Kid-friendly puzzles and riddles
  • Children’s television shows
  • Short stories and nursery rhymes

Education plays a significant role in children’s lives, making it a vital area for parents to prioritise.

Behavior and Manners

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Raising a child is more than just education and health. Your kid will start to develop habits and actions that reflect their personality.

Your role in helping shape their manners is vital. Kids will mimic the movements and mannerisms of their parents, which means that you have to act like a responsible adult. Avoid performing unhealthy habits and using unsafe words in front of your children. Try to watch over your actions in front of them, especially when facing challenging situations. There are a lot of things children can learn and develop for themselves while watching you.

You will encounter moments when your kid displays bad manners and gestures. Disciplinary actions can make it clear to the child that he or she is not behaving well. The punishment depends on your preference, but you must be responsible. Violent acts can cause trauma, making it difficult to raise your child well. There are a lot of activities that you can make your kid do to make it known that he or she behaved badly.

Extracurricular Activities

Parents are responsible for a lot of things, but it is up to the child to develop a mentality. If you want to influence how the kid’s thinking turns out, you can provide tools for extracurricular activities. Sports, hobbies, and interests can all help shape children’s mentality in ways that no other activities cannot. Try to figure out what your kid loves to do by providing them with the child-friendly equipment necessary. Sign them up for classes on musical instruments. Keeping your kid engaged in extracurricular activities will be helpful in the development of a strong personality and mentality.

Parents can come up with a lot of responsibilities that they believe will help raise a child. However, investing in these areas will take care of the majority of the job.

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