Guidelines For Buying Water Treatment Equipment

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In Pennsylvania, several surveys discovered that nearly 60 percent of homes with a private water system use some form of water treatment equipment. Nearly any water quality issue these days, whether it’s health or nuisance-based, can be resolved using a suitable equipment.

But homeowners who have private water systems are usually unaware of the water treatment equipment and process. This makes them vulnerable to dodgy companies. shares some tips on how to get the best value for money.

Research Treatment Facilities

Search for trustworthy water treatment businesses that will offer you some local client references. Do your part and investigate the history of the facility. Consider looking for established companies in your area that have been serving other homeowners for many years. This will help you dodge unreliable operations common in the industry.

Be Wary of Hard Sale Tactics

Some water treatment sellers use shady processes, such as home water tests, to pressure or scare you from buying their equipment. Be wary of businesses using this technique and never make hasty decisions. Verify the home water test results that they gave you with the help of an independent lab. Get a second or third opinion by consulting other treatment sellers and experts.

Ask about Maintenance Requirements

Buying water treatment equipment is costly and it can involve complex routine maintenance jobs. Ensure that you completely know the requirements of every piece of equipment before buying it. Keep in mind that they will need regular upkeep and there are cases where maintenance is simple, such as replacing the ultraviolet light bulb or faucet carbon filter. Meanwhile, it can be more elaborate, such as replacing membranes in reverse osmosis units or regeneration oxidizing filters.

Think about your potential water treatment purchase and remember to get a water test report from a neutral lab. As soon as you have made a decision, ensure that everything is in writing with a maintenance agreement and a detailed warranty.

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