Find the Right Abrasive for Your Sandblasting Needs

Man Doing Sandblasting

There are many types of abrasive blasting applications. These vary depending on the different blasting materials. Blasting materials, also known as blasting media, can help you complete your projects with minimum abrasive volume. Below are some factors to consider when choosing an abrasive material for your sandblaster kit.

Surface characteristics

The general rule is that you should use the finest abrasive necessary to attain the required characteristics. When using a finer abrasive, you will have higher impact per volume. More particles in a stream would mean the work is completed quickly. When you are blasting wood or concrete, you do not necessarily require expensive and coarse particles. For surfaces such as iron, you should consider other factors, such as anchor pattern.


With all other factors being kept constant, the larger the particle, the deeper the indentation it is going to leave. However, large particles have fewer impacts compared to a similar volume of smaller particles. Smaller particles clean faster and cover a larger area. Smaller particles give a more uniform profile when it comes to sandblasting. When using a sandblaster, choose an abrasive with the smallest particles necessary to achieve the desired profile.

Particle shape

The shape of the particle usually affects how deeply they cut into the coating or the underlying substrate. The shapes are usually classified in accordance to the angularity starting from angular to rounded particles. Rounded particles produce an even and peened surface.


Other factors include hardness, density, and velocity or the particle also need to be considered when it comes to abrasive materials. The velocity should also be put into consideration, as different velocities could affect the result.

If your project includes sandblasting, make sure to choose a blasting media that would suit the material you intend to shape.

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