4 Phases of Getting a Dental Implant

Woman Holding A Dental Implant Model

Despite massive improvements in dentistry, millions of people still suffer tooth loss. Most of these people prefer to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. If your dentist has also recommended implants, you can expect to get your artificial tooth roots in the following four phases.

Development of a personalised treatment plan

Once you are a good candidate for dental implants in Kingston, your dentist and a team of other professionals will develop a customised treatment plan. Oral health expert Jiva Dental adds that the team will determine a suitable implant option and offer coordinated care based on your specific needs.

Placing the implant into the jawbone

During this step, your dentist will surgically place the tooth root implant into the jawbone. The implant goes into the bone socket of the tooth you want to be replaced. The dentist may then advise you on what to eat and do to facilitate the healing process.


As the jawbone heals, it will grow around and attach itself to the implanted metal post, anchoring the implant securely in your jaw. This healing process, also known as osseointegration, usually takes between 6-12 weeks.

Placement of the replacement tooth or teeth

Once the dental implant has bonded to your jawbone, the dentist will attach a connector post to the implants. This abutment will hold your replacement tooth securely. The dentist will then make impressions of your teeth, create a model of your bite and use this guide to prepare your replacement tooth or teeth.

Once the new tooth (crown) is ready, the dentist will attach it to the abutment. If you are replacing two or more teeth, the dentist may attach customised bridges or dentures to attachments on the implants.

Strong and stable, dental implants look, feel, fit and function much like natural teeth. In just four phases of treatment, you will have the next best thing to healthy, natural teeth.

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