Creative Ways to Decorate Your Windows

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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is the same for actual windows; they’re a glimpse into how a household is managed and what kind of people run the house. They also determine a lot of things like the overall mood of the room and how much light is allowed into a given space.

However, it doesn’t end there. If you’re planning to move and have found a place for window installation here in Salt Lake City, then the next step is deciding how you want your windows to look. But if you’re someone who’s just looking for ways to spruce up your home, then decorating your windows will add the flair that you’re looking for.

More Greenery, Please!

Windowsills are the perfect areas to line up small, potted plants. Succulents and cacti are perfect for decorating windows because there are specific types of these plants that need as much sunshine as a windowsill can muster.

Simply put a tray or plant-box that fits the space in your windowsill and line up as many plants that can fit. Don’t forget to do your research about the plants, so you don’t overwater or dry them out too much.

The Window Is Your Canvass

If you’ve never heard of what chalk markers are, then refer to the blackboards at your local coffee shop decked out with menu specials and the like. Chalk markers provide a soft, matte finish that is perfect for non-porous materials that regular chalk can’t write on, like glass.

If you have a particularly charming view out of your window, you can make things even more interesting by doodles or line-art that compliments the scenery. This is the same if you have a brick wall for a view, adding doodles and even calligraphy art on your window will distract you from the not-so-charming view.

Vertical Blinds

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Sure, you’ve heard about blinds, but the latest re-vamp on these office staples are making them vertical. Horizontal blinds may give you the basics like privacy together with a conventional look, but vertical blinds give you the same thing while making your windows look more modern and classy.

These look exceptionally good if applied to bigger windows.

Pressed Plants Framed In Glass

If you’re looking to exert some extra effort, then whip out those craft supplies and get pressing! Taking dried leaves or other flowers (which can be found online) and pressing them in picture frames or between panels of glass can create a minimalist effect while adding a pop of color to plain windows.

Dip-Dyed Curtains

Who says only hair gets to be dip-dyed? If you’ve got plain white curtains that you’ve grown tired of looking at, then this is the perfect way to make them look and feel brand new. Darker colors work well on your dip-dyed curtains if you have furniture and fixtures with shades on the lighter side.

You can also experiment with which color goes best with the dominant colors in the view that’s encased in your window.

Windows may just be a part of the house that’s there for ventilation and lighting but, there’s more to windows than what meets the eyes, quite literally. Trying these creative window decorating ideas will definitely make any boring window an integral part of any room!

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