Window Enhancements for a Better View

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Windows are an important part of a house. They present a view of the outdoors. They also serve as a source of light and ventilation. Some homeowners, though, neglect this part of the house. A curtain is often draped over it and is forgotten. How can one reverse this practice? What are excellent ways to enhance windows and maximize their functionality?

Invest in Custom Window Shutters

Curtains are sometimes too heavy and prevent light and air from coming in. On the other hand, light curtains allow too much heat inside the house. Durable plantation shutters are a better alternative for your New Jersey home. These window accessories effectively block the UV rays from permeating your house. Thus, your skin is safer from possible diseases.

Your furniture will also last longer because they are safe from the sun’s direct glare. Shutters are also good insulators. They are effective regulators of temperature. This energy-efficient way will help you cut costs. The aesthetics of your windows and home is not compromised, either. Shutters provide a clean and old-world charm look. Indeed, they are a functional and elegant way to dress your windows.

Decorate Your Outer Windows with a Cover

Another way to enhance your windows is to install an awning. This covering holds great visual appeal. It can be made of different materials. It also has different styles. You can have the traditional, dome, open wing, or waterfall style. This gives the homeowner more options that will fit the style of their house.

Awnings are also very functional. They prevent the sun’s rays from falling directly on the windows, thus making the temperature inside cooler. They also protect the outer walls from being drenched with rain or snow.

Go Green and Colorful

If you have a green thumb, you can have another place for your potted plants or blooms. You can have window boxes or window ledges. You must be careful to choose plants that can thrive in direct sunlight. Many kinds fit this category such as frosted curls and summer snapdragons. Potted herbs are a good selection, too. You must also maintain the bursting-with-life look over the unkempt look. You would not want it to be so trimmed that it seems lackluster. But you would not want it to be like a jungle, either.

Utilize the Window Parts

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Sometimes, the best way to enhance something is to feature a part of it. Here are some ways to make good use of your window parts.

  • Wide windowsills can serve many purposes. They can serve as a place for herbs and potted plants. A collection of books can also be placed there. For a more creative take, you can add colored bottles on top of your windowsills.
  • You can add window trims either on the interior or exterior part of your windows. These additions help emphasize the windows. They give depth and texture to otherwise flat windows. You may opt to paint them with a bold color to bring the focus to your windows.
  • You can paint your internal window frames. If your house has a subdued color scheme, paint your frames with a contrasting color. This will make your windows stand out.

Windows are an integral part of your house. Aside from making them look good, make sure that they are also well-maintained. You would not want dilapidated windows in your home.

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