The Importance of Signage in Your Business


Signage is one of the most vital visual elements of your business. According to a survey, 76% of customers say that they enter an unfamiliar store or a new shop based on signs. So whether you are starting a quick-service restaurant or a printing franchise, you must craft an attractive sign that will promote your business. Here’s how your store will benefit from creative outdoor signage:

The signage is a cost-effective marketing tool

Exterior signage in your physical store is an essential graphic display that informs the audience that your business exists. It is an upright showcase of your brand to consumers as it is visible 24/7 in 365 days. This continuous exposure means that even if you are close for the day, you are still advertising your business for free. While renting a billboard or big screen advertisements are inviting options, signs last longer and are less pricey.

If you have a limited budget for marketing, off-premises signage is a good advertising strategy. When put in the right locations, signs can effectively communicate with motorists and passersby. Magnetic signs on the side of your car is also a way of mobile advertising. Paying other car owners to put your sign on their vehicles would also facilitate additional reach. Beautifully crafted signage sparks curiosity among motorists and persuades them to visit your retail store or coffee shop.

Creative and professional signage is a perky, inanimate salesperson

Attractive signage is an effective sales pitch that catches the attention of consumers. It lures the customers to discover what’s inside your shop. A creative and unique storefront sign will make your business stand out in the sea of competitors. It will attract people from a distance and inspire them to see what your business has to offer. About 60% of consumers reveal that the absence of signage or poor quality of sign deters them from entering a shop. If you’re operating your food business alone, you don’t have to stay outside and invite every person to give your menu a try. The signage will do the work for you.

Help consumers find your business location

If you are running a small business in an unpopular area, exterior signage serves as a guidepost to lead your customers to where your shop is located. They also serve as landmarks and information booths to tourists or immigrants in your area who are looking for local businesses.

Proper signage gives your business a positive first impression

Business signage

People often make assumptions based on how you present your store visually. Consumers equate the quality of your signs to the quality of your business. Your logo, font, and style will tell people about your brand’s personality, whether its upscale, homespun, playful, or luxurious. Great signs have taglines that convince the viewers that they need your products or services.

Outdoor signage might seem old school. However, it remains one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your brand, enticing potential customers, and providing a landmark for greater brand recognition. When you invest in a creative sign for your business, you are sowing the seeds for future sales.

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