4 Reasons to Add a Geodesic Dome in Your Home

Architects Planning for a Dome Design

A geodesic dome may look odd the first time you see it. But experts see a lot of potential in its shape. In fact, it’s considered to be an efficient structure in several ways. Growing Spaces shares a few reasons you should consider having a geodesic dome in your home.

Flexible Design

Although dome homes are commonly built using manufactured kits, all dome home designs are flexible. You may even remove the dome’s lowest row of triangles without affecting its structure. You can also use the vertical-walled extensions to expand an existing the floor space.


The dome’s central design can withstand pressure and movement from earthquakes. The triangle itself is a durable shape. Since the weight is evenly distributed, the stress tends to spread along the entirety of the structure.


The sphere is also considered as nature’s most dynamic form, which has the ability to cover the most space with the least volume of exterior area. Constructing a dome also uses only a fraction of lumber compared to a similar sized house. Also, it transfers less heat to its surroundings because it consumes less space. In turn, an average home can save at least 30% on monthly cooling and heating bills.

Limitless Design Potential

Although it may seem odd at first, having a dome-shaped home provides you with countless design options. A dome-shaped home is free of any interior framing, giving you even more space to decorate your home.

Dome-shaped structures have been used in various ways. That’s why several auditoriums, military radar systems, and even churches use this form in a few of their structures. You may want to choose a dome provider who can give you more tips on how to input it into your home’s design.

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