3 Ways to Style an Old Fireplace

antique fireplace

So you’ve decided to keep the old fireplace but are not sure how to make it work with a modern interior look. Here are three fantastic design ideas to turn an old fireside into a striking accent piece.

Work Its Old World Charm

If all that’s left of an old fireplace is its bare niche, clean it up, including the surround, and spruce it up with an exquisite mantel. Antique fireplace mantels possess a refined look that can blend with any interior design with a little trick using paint, notes Authentic Provence. For an industrial look, for example, painting an antique stone mantle with a dark palette turns it into a centerpiece that’s modern and edgy. For a minimalist design, painting it with the same shade as the wall creates an elegant and seamless look.

Give It New Functionality

If you’re left with a non-functional fireplace but still intact, put it to good use by turning it into a built-in shelf to hold books or scented candles. You can also turn it into storage by attaching a pair of doors that mimic the look of a fireplace screen. So although the fireplace no longer works as it’s intended for, you can still keep it and allow it to retain its original look, and put it to good use by giving it a new purpose and function.

Add a Little Twist

Going for a modern vintage design? Make that antique mantel stand out by highlighting its architectural elements to create the perfect vintage component in the design. Add a modern twist by painting a certain portion of it with a different color, ideally one that creates contrast, to give it a fresh take. Complete the look with a mix of current and classic art pieces, and you’ve got your room a fabulous focal point that’s worthy of everyone’s attention.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate antique pieces into modern-day designs that look not only refined and classy but also unique and spectacular. So put that old fireside to use and let it shine once again.

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