Steps to Getting Clean Fuel For Your Vehicle

Car Filling Up on Fuel

Current high-pressure fuel injectors have tight tolerances because of the new greenhouse gas/federal fuel-economy regulations. These tolerances are not getting less stringent, which is why it is important to ensure that the fuel passing through your injector’s tiny openings is clean.

Your vehicle’s fuel filter helps supply clean fuel to the engine while protecting your fuel injectors. shares some steps to keep your fuel dry and clean.

Get a Quality Fuel Filter

Fuel filters come in different media structures and capabilities. Choosing a filter with the right filtration efficiency for your engine is important. A micron rating is an indication of a filter’s ability to remove fuel contaminants by their particle size. For instance, a Ford Ranger PX fuel filter should be 30 microns. Using a 20-micron filter for the vehicle might cause fuel flow starvation. Getting a quality fuel filter is more affordable than replacing your engine due to break down.

Watch Out For Moisture

Water promotes corrosion whilst increasing wear on fuel injectors and other fuel system components. To avoid problems, keep water out and away from your fuel. Some filter manufacturers include hydrophobic properties into their filters for water/fuel separation. You can consider installing a fuel-water separator as well.

Change Your Fuel Filter Frequently

A clogged filter signifies excessive contaminants in your fuel. Some filter manufacturers provide filter restriction indicators that measure a drop in pressure across your filter to notify you when it is time to change the filter. The standard pressure for fuel-injected vehicles is around 30-60 PSI.

It is not a wise idea to pre-fill your fuel filter unless the manufacturer instructs you to do it. Without the right fuel filter, your fuel injectors might be blocked, combustion may be affected, and in severe cases, your engine will be significantly damaged. Keep dirty fuel out of your engine to prevent costly damages.

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