3 Reasons You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

a divorce mediator listening to the grumble and fuss of a couple

Divorce mediation is a popular way of arriving at a favorable settlement with your spouse without going to court for litigation. Each of the spouses meets with a mediator, who could also be a lawyer, to discuss their requirements. This option could be beneficial to all the parties involved, especially the children.

A seasoned divorce attorney in Long Island cites some reasons more couples are going this route:

Mediation is a fair process – no one has the upper hand

Mediation doesn’t favor one party over the other even if one-half of the couple is a millionaire, celebrity, or beloved politician. The mediator has the power to put the mediation process to a halt if one of the spouses is not cooperative or is trying to dominate the other.

Mediation helps make the divorce process easier on the kids

Entering mediation shows that both parties are working towards a peaceful divorce. This means the kids are spared from the drama and it is more likely to reach an amicable decision to share custody of the children and make the separation not disruptive.

Mediation saves time; therefore, minimizing costs

The American Bar Association notes that mediation costs a whopping 40 to 60 percent lower than divorce trials. Fewer people are involved; therefore, the billable hours are reduced as well.

Keep in mind that the closed-door mediation process is confidential. The mediation process is considered a private matter with settlements made in good faith by two participating parties. As such, anything that was discussed there cannot be divulged in court should a divorce proceeding occur later on.

A divorce attorney could facilitate the mediation process for you and your spouse if you decided to end your marriage and part ways. If a third party mediator is involved, your attorney could also represent you in the mediation process and serve as a channel for you to communicate your demands.

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