Why Customers Also Play a Crucial Role in SaaS Security


The number of companies that use Software as a service (SaaS) continues to grow, while risks to data security increase at the same time.

Even if SaaS may be the best form of cloud service, clients should take note that it remains prone to certain threats. However, these risks are preventable with the right contingency measures.

Customer Cooperation

In the next two years, more than 30 of the 100 biggest cloud providers will invest in new cloud-only services, according to Gartner Research. On the other hand, a BetterCloud report showed that companies that use the cloud would increase to 73% by 2020 from today’s 43%. By 2022, the report estimated that 86% of companies would mainly use SaaS.

The growing adoption among enterprises holds users as accountable as service providers for managing security. Companies should carefully review their SaaS contracts and look for limitations stated by their service providers. Your business should not be complacent that service providers will entirely be responsible for data security. Likewise, different backup of data protection and recovery tools are also necessary.

Service Security

For service providers, some ways to improve their security management depend on four important people: a SecDevOps professional, an identity manager, a security operations manager, and a governance and risk manager.

A SecDevOps professional helps improve security management by finding any inefficiency on development practices, while identity managers maintain the security of SaaS systems. Governance and risk managers communicate security requirements to all relevant parties and implement them in the process. Finally, a security operations manager detects and prevent threats. In case of security issues, companies may rely on them for response and recovery measures.

SaaS providers continue to update their services to prevent cyber-attacks, but that does not mean clients should just sit back and let them do all the work? An efficient strategy on cybersecurity also requires a users’ active involvement.


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