Sorry Peter Parker Fans! Spider Veins Aren’t As Exciting As They Sound

Spider VeinSpider veins resemble tree branches or, as its name suggests, spider webs. They are a cluster of dilated veins that look near your skin’s surface and are typically blue or red. Even though these can grow anywhere on your body, you can usually find them on your face or legs.

Here are its symptoms and causes to determine if you’ll need laser vein removal done by pros like Heart of Dixie Vein Center in St. George.

The Symptoms of Spider Veins

The most noticeable indication of having spider veins is that you can see these purple, blue or red web-like veins on your skin. Other indications are:

1. Skin Ulcers

2. Restless Legs

3. Itching Around Your Veins

4. Rashes

5. Aching, Cramping or Throbbing

6. An Uncomfortable Feeling In Your Legs

7. Swelling

You should make an appointment to see a medical specialist if your veins are painful and they feel very tender and warm when you touch them. Moreover, seek medical attention if these veins begin to bleed, you have ulcers, rashes or sores on your skin and the skin on your calf and ankle has thickened and changed its color.

The Causes of Spider Veins

Nearly 80 million Americans have varicose or spider veins. Practically half of all women aged 40 to 50, while three quarters of those aged 60 to 70 have them. Meanwhile, a quarter of men aged 30 to 40, and half of them aged more than 70 have them.

Damaged or weak valves in your veins cause varicose or spider veins. Closed valves stop the blood from leaving your veins, which means that it will gather up and make your veins swell. Several aspects heighten your chances of getting this condition, such as:

1. Sun Exposure for People with Light Skin

2. Constipation

3. Obesity

4. Wearing tight clothing or a girdle

5. Sitting or Standing for a Long Amount of Time

6. Pregnancy

7. Hormone Replacement Therapy or Hormonal Changes During Menopause or Puberty

8. Taking Oral Birth Control Pills

9. History of Blood Clots

10. Aging

11. Heredity

Spider and varicose veins are pretty common for people aged over 50. You don’t have anything to worry about if you do observe these symptoms because treatments are effective and safe.

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