Your Staircase and Your Luck According to Feng Shui

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“Feng Shui is not a religion.” This is one of the things that most Feng Shui experts will tell you right from the start. It also does not tell you what the future is. However, what it does is it can give you an idea of what the future might be, taking into consideration the details of your birth. One of the areas where you can apply Feng Shui is in how your home is designed.

The Flow of Wind and Water

One of the basic tenets of Feng Shui is the smooth flow of wind and water. Due to this, clutter and blocked hallways are a no-no in Feng Shui. The air within your home should be able to circulate freely, entering from one point and exiting the other. If a hallway or a room is blocked, air tends to get stuck inside. Over time, it could build up negative energy and cause your energy flow to be disturbed.

Where the Doors Are

white doorDoors are important in Feng Shui; it should not be directly in front of another room or should it the end of the road leading to it. Because of the role that it plays, doors should be treated with care. Make it alive and full of energy by painting it with bright colors.

Make sure that only your main door should stand out, as this is where most of the energy would be coming from. If your doors open to a bad direction, or if poisonous arrows from nearby structures are pointed directly to it, get a tall wide plant that can be placed near the door. This will help redirect the energy.

The Stairs to Success

The placement of your stairs is also important. If you are going with a spiral staircase, take care not to place it in the center of your home. Because it looks like a giant drill, it actually exhausts any energy that passes through the center of your home. You will notice that the energy surrounding the people in your home will be unpredictable.

At the same time, make sure that the stair installation company does not align the stairs with your main door. This causes the energy from the outside to rush into your home and up the rooms, or the energy from within your home to rush out. If this is something that you have no control over, make sure that you have a Feng Shui cure in place.

The Bed in Command

The bed should be treated in the same way as your desk — it should be in the commanding position. This allows you more control over every aspect of your life and ensures that you are safe from people who might be out to get you. Typically, this is a position where you can see the whole room without the bed or the desk being directly in line with the door.

Water and mirrors are also two of the things that should not be inside your room. The effect of both items is to magnify the energy within the space. As your room will have yin energy most of the time, it might get magnified and you might find yourself feeling low most of the time.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, it won’t hurt to follow what it recommends for your home.

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