Preventing Accidents While Using Staircases

man fell from the stairs

Stairs are essential since they enable people to reach the upper floors of a building and vice versa. Some have simple designs. On the other hand, some buildings have elegant staircases, like the ones you see in fairy tale books. If you are planning to build a residential or commercial building, you can hire professional builders to help you design your own staircase.

The stairs are an essential part of a building, whether it’s a house or a high-rise building. Even if the latter has elevators, adding stairs is still required, especially for emergency purposes. Using the stairs can also be a great way to exercise as it can help improve your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, and aid in losing weight.

However, the stairs are considered one of the most dangerous safety hazards. For one thing, older people and small children should be assisted when using the stairs as it can lead to accidents and even death in the worst cases. That is why it is essential to exercise caution when using the stairs.

How to avoid accidents when using the stairs

Older people and small children are at higher risk of stair accidents. It is said that stair falls are one of the most common causes of injuries and deaths among the elderly. Young children are also at risk of falling on the stairs and even cause death. We should be aware of the following ways to avoid such fatal accidents and keep everyone safe from using the stairs regardless of age.

The stairs should follow the building standards.

Building requirements in most locations require the stairs to comply with the right dimensions and designs. It should also have handrails with the correct height, be well-lit, and free from safety hazards that can cause slips and trips. There are some cases that the stairs need extra handrails, especially for those with older people living in the building.

Do not rush when taking the stairs.

man running up the stairs

Do not run up and down the stairs even if you are in a rush to do something. It can cause falls and slips and lead to injuries. Take a breath first before using the stairs, especially if you are not physically active. Make sure to hold the railing when using the stairs.

Clear away obstacles on the staircase.

Remove boxes or other objects that might be blocking your way while using the stairs. Never use the staircase as a storage area as it can cause trips as well.

Put signage near the staircase.

It is essential to put some warning signs, especially for staircases with irregular shapes and steps. Put these signs where guests and family members can easily see it.

Build a bungalow.

If you are planning to build a house, you can opt for a bungalow instead, especially if you have young children and elderly living with you. That way, your worries about stair-related accidents will be lessened.

These are only some things you need to remember when using the stairs. In many cases, we have no choice but to use one. Nonetheless, it is vital to ensure everyone’s safety when using them.

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