Why More Companies are Offering Employee Shuttle Service

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Based on a study by the US Census Bureau, those working full-time 5 days a week job spend an average of 4.35 hours in commuting. However, daily commuting can take a toll on employees in terms of stress and anxiety, which can also affect their demeanor, morale, and productivity at work. Luckily, more companies are starting to provide shuttle service to employees in an attempt to alleviate one of the daily challenges their workers face.

But in offering shuttle service, the company doesn’t only benefit their workers, but the company itself, which is why the idea of having one should be considered as an investment instead of a cost. As such, we’ll be taking a look at how employee shuttle services can benefit one’s company to help convince you to the same for your employees.


Perhaps the most apparent effect of having a shuttle service is that employees can arrive at work early or on time. While that sounds more of a benefit to the employee than the company, punctuality ensures that employees can start working earlier or right away. Additionally, for those who work in teams, this assures that everyone is ready to work on time, and that team members no longer need to wait for their teammates who are essential to the task or have sole access to certain information. This also means that employees can go home early or at least wouldn’t have to worry about trying to catch the bus or train back home, improving their work-life balance and, subsequently, their productivity.

Productivity and Less Absenteeism

Commutes can take a toll to employees by having them more prone to stress and lowering their enthusiasm — both of which can affect how productive they are at work and their overall health. Workers who are constantly stressed and/or tired have higher risks for health complications, which results in missed days at work and the company having to pay for their sick leave. However, if employee stress is lowered through providing shuttle service, they’re less likely to get sick and avoid missing a day at work. Subsequently, the improved health and morale, and lesser stress can help you in retaining your company’s employees.

Attract Other Potential Employees and Increase Reputation

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Offering shuttle service can be a huge benefit, and also a factor that job applicants would consider. A potential job applicant would be more likely to apply to your company if you offer shuttle services in their area, as opposed to a similar company that doesn’t. Also, having a shuttle service can improve public perception by showing that your company takes care of its employees, and can afford to offer such a benefit.

Double As Emergency Vehicle and In Advertising

In case of an emergency (medical or otherwise), the shuttle vehicle can be used by the company. Additionally, by placing the company’s logo and basic details, you’d be able to provide exposure to your brand as your company’s Sprinter van traverses through the busy streets of Boise.


For companies that pay for employee mileage, having a shuttle service can actually save the company money in the long run. Additionally, a shuttle service can help reduce the need for building or extending the company’s parking area/garage.


There’s no doubt that employee shuttle service can be beneficial to both the employee and the company. So, if you’ve decided to have one for your company, it might be the right time to look for sprinter van deals in Boise that can provide the space, speed, and reliability you need for your company’s shuttle service.

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