Not a Long Shot: How to Find the Right Temp Workers for your Team

ProfessionalsTemporary workers who are capable, committed, and passionate are particularly valuable during peak season. Prized as they are, though, they also tend to be elusive.

Companies like PeopleReady make it easy for employers to find the right people for various temp jobs. Such businesses take care of vetting possible workers, so all employers need to do is send a request for temp workers and continue business as usual.

Meanwhile, employers looking to handle the screening process themselves can find worthy temp workers by taking the following steps:

Ask them about goals and future plans

Many applicants want a long-term opportunity where they can build a career, but some seek temporary recruitment in a bid to gain industry experience or field practice.

By asking candidates questions about their future plans, you gain an insight into their character and what they aim to achieve by taking on a temporary role for your business. You also discover whether they see the role as a great opportunity or as a last resort.

Reconsider your existing opinions

You may already have formed opinions of the kind of candidates you may never consider. But qualities you may have viewed as bad in the past could turn out to be ideal for temporary roles.

When recruiting for a full-time post, for example, you may tend to steer clear of candidates who can’t seem to stay in one place or who travel for leisure often. These qualities may work well, however, when finding staff for a temporary position.

Make your role more attractive

According to a survey conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, over three-quarters of temporary workers prefer full-time work. This doesn’t mean, however, that your company is less desirable to work for. It only means workers seek opportunities that will allow them to move up the corporate ladder.

To make temp posts more attractive to applicants, offer insights to assist them in advancing in their career. Offer the option of learning a new skill or shadowing senior staff members. Creating avenues for growth can make your post stand out and let you find much more worthy candidates.

The aversion to temp jobs may make the search for the right candidate more challenging. But by enlisting the help of the right people and by trying out new techniques, finding capable and trustworthy candidates isn’t such a long shot.

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