These Travel Careers Satisfy Your Wanderlust and Wallet

a flight attendant holding her luggage in the airportTravel is often on the list of hobbies and must-dos; however, some delay it because it may interfere with their long-term plans and jobs. Both are plausible reasons, but if you could explore the world and make money simultaneously, would you take it?

Here are possible travel careers that allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Tour Guide and/or Operator

If you love to travel, a career as a tour guide or operator may be for you. Either one provides you with the opportunity to share your passion with others. You get to talk about a city, destination or not-so-popular place to people who are visiting for the first time. Share stories and insights about your beloved memories of the attractions included in the itinerary. You also learn more about the country you are exploring while making money.

Flight Attendant

This job allows you to hop from city to city and country to country. You get to travel the world, experience new things and always have a new stamp on your passport. However, this is a difficult occupation because you need experience in dealing with all kinds of people and behaviours. Some passengers might be unfriendly or irate, and will test your patience.

Jack-of-all-Trades Freelancer

The gig economy is in full swing; you’ll find all sorts of jobs when you browse certain websites and do a quick search online. You can be a virtual assistant, web designer, content creator (writing, videos, etc) and social media manager. There are several short and long-term jobs where you can be a freelancer, as long as you meet the requirements in skill and experience.


This is a popular job for those who want to stay awhile in either New Zealand or Australia. It provides decent pay that allows you to save enough money for a longer trip once you finish your contract.

These are some of the occupations to consider when you want to combine both travel and income. Look for the requirements to determine if you fit their needs and can qualify for the job.

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