The Most Dangerous Accidents You Can Experience in an Automobile

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Car accidents can be the scariest thing that anyone can experience. It’s the fear of these things happening that makes automobile insurance in places like Aurora, Illinois so critical to car owners in the state. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s more than a lot of scrapes and bruises that can come out of the worst kind of accidents. Check out the following list of the most dangerous car accidents that can happen to anyone.

Off-road accidents

These are classified as accidents wherein one vehicle is suddenly driven off the road whether as a result of another vehicle’s actions or improper lighting and signage in a known, dangerous area. The biggest risk of these types of accidents is where you are driven out to exactly. In case there’s heavy forestry, there can be a significant impact with a tree or barrier. In other dangerous circumstances, the road is right next to a steep slope or a cliff.

Rollover accidents

These types of accidents are the result of other accidents – commonly with the strongest of impacts – and can themselves be very deadly. These can occur when your car rolls over repeatedly. This subjects you and your passengers to violent rolling motion that can potentially eject a passenger or cause serious bone injuries. Most of the best auto insurance in Illinois (the state is listed as one of those that have the worst drivers according to recent surveys) accounts for this as they know how deadly it can be.

Side impact accidents

The bumper very well protects the front and rear end of your vehicle. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the side doors, which often offer little in the way of protection from any hits that may occur there. This type of accident often happens at intersections where you can quickly be slammed into by other cars that try to run the red light. These accidents subject the head and body to dangerous lateral movements.

Head-on accidents

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Despite the protection given by your bumpers and front and rear crumple zones, head-on collisions are hands down the deadliest of crashes that could happen to you. The sheer amount of force from the impact can send occupants flying through and out the windshield at fatal speeds. Even if you are belted in your seat, you can experience severe whiplash or also dislocate your spine. It’s little wonder why these types of accidents have the fewest survivors.

Accidents can be jarring and traumatic, especially when you combine it with speeding automobiles, scary weather systems, and other forces beyond your control. Fortunately, when a collision isn’t your fault, you can rightfully call for compensation for any injury or hurt you experience. The best way to ensure that you get compensated is to document the accident itself carefully and get insurance where car accidents are covered. This ensures that any claims you make will be subject to quicker approval. More than that, it also helps a great deal if you get the best kind of insurance, to begin with –meaning the types mentioned above of accidents are included on your insurance coverage.

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