Police Radar Guns: Why Opt for Modern Designs?

police holdig a radar gun

If you are planning to buy radar guns, it is time you stopped restricting yourself to that physical store. First off, with physical radar gun stores, it can be hard to retrieve the reviews of the business. But, online shopping offers you the best chance to check through the comments and opinions of past clients on the store’s online platforms. These reviews will give you a sneak peek into how the supplier runs the business and the quality of their radar speed guns and related services. Numerous negative reviews are a red flag that you should not ignore when shopping online.

Here, also check whether the store from which you are buying has a high rate of reviews. It will help you know that their products have a ready market; so, the chances are that you will get the most recent radar guns. As a plus, you have a variety of speed radar guns from which to choose.

Variety of Radar Guns

Radar guns come in various designs, size and complexity to suit different applications, whether as a speed, sports or stalker radar gun. Directional RADARs, for instance, are a different category of RADAR guns, which can take the speeds of target vehicles moving away and towards your patrol vehicle. These directional RADARs have features that allow you to switch the directions in which they are to measure speed.

Technological Advances

Over the years, radar gun designs have inclined toward lighter models. Thanks to technological advancements processor development, the chip size has also reduced even with improved specifications. As a result, you get a smaller radar gun today than you would even barely a decade ago. Object and speed detection have also improved, thus making the operation of these new radar guns easy and quick. Further, the adoption of the Ka-band has facilitated the development of radar guns with hidden antennas, which has helped reduced their size even more. Such devices are now not only attractive to carry with you, but they can also fit narrow spaces in your car.

Few to Zero Errors

traffic enforcer using radar gun

With further innovation, radar gun manufacturers have developed devices with reduced errors in speed calculations. Some even come with advanced features such as remote connectivity capabilities. With such, you can remotely control your radar guns and record timestamps and other results that the device records. You also can pinpoint an object from a group and mark it as your target to record its speed. Modern radar guns can also automatically detect whether you are moving or have stopped; so, you do not have to key in such instances into your remote control.

Better Technology, Better Results

Proper documentation of speed results is critical to providing accurate and verifiable evidence. With current speed and stalker radar guns, you can interface them with your in-car cams. With that, you keep records of the specific time that a suspect vehicle clocked a given speed limit. So, do not assume that your old radar guns are the best there are in the market. Do your research and inquire further. You could need to replace them with modern types.

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