The Life That Awaits in Townsville, Queensland

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Australia is a massive country with urban and suburban cities that offer quality living. The country is also filled with scenic landscapes, unique landmarks, shopping districts, and recreational areas that attract a great number of tourists, both local and international. Immigrants are also becoming apparent in Australia. In fact, they have accounted for 60% of the population growth in the country.

Queensland is also popular among many tourists. It is known as Australia’s “Sunshine State.” With many pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and lively cities, living here sounds tranquil yet invigorating. Newly-built homes in Townsville are available for sale, and in this particular city, heaps of awesome stuff await you.


Townsville is a coastal city located at Queensland, where the climate is sub-tropical with two seasons. Rainy and humid season happen every October to May, and dry season happens between June and October.

The coast of Queensland, where Townsville is exactly situated, is great for swimming at any time of the year. The sea’s temperature is around 21 degrees Celsius in July and August, and it rises to 26 degrees in the summer months.

The two-season climate is perfect for beach-lovers. When you choose Townsville, you no longer need to wait for the summer to enjoy a swim. You can dress lightly and comfortably all year round, too.

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Townsville holds many opportunities for business, investment, and development. The city council is committed to efficiency in terms of approving developmental projects in the Central Business District. The new Townsville City Plan, Townsville City Waterfront Priority Dev’t Area, and Townsville City Waterfront Promenade Project are among the new developments in the city. The city council offers a Jobs and Investment Package with financial incentives.

Port Operations, Defence Force, Education and Tropical Science, Mining and Agriculture, and Tourism are among the top fastest-growing industries here. Retail, Technology, and Creative industries also made it into the list. Townsville is teeming with job opportunities in diverse sectors.

If you plan to open a startup company specialising in film and creatives, then Townsville is just perfect for you. The local creative industry is crucial for the city’s growth. There are many spots in the city open for filming locations. Even the Australian Government recognises the competitive creative industry as being vital to the country’s prosperity.

Both state and local government agencies are persevering to sustain businesses and talents for the industry. So if you’re the adventurous type who enjoys a creative challenge or two, Townsville is your city.

Leisure Activities

The Great Barrier Reef is close to this city, and that fact alone makes it so thrilling to reside here. But apart from that, there are many more attractions around the city that are family-friendly and excellent for day trips. Billabong Sanctuary is one example; the wildlife park is committed to conservation and proper environmental management. Some of the exotic animals you’d see here are freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, snakes, and emus.

One of Queensland’s most distinct natural features stands on Townsville, and that is Castle Hill. It is a giant-heritage pink granite monolith hill that is popular among locals and tourists. The peak gives you a 360-degree view of the city. Residents even walk up the hill’s trails every day.

A number of historic buildings are also well-preserved in Townsville. One of them is the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery. It has over 2,000 permanent collections of contemporary and historical art. The gallery also hosts talks, workshops, and other educational programs. Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned one, Townsville can surely ignite your passion.

Townsville provides many job and learning opportunities for all kinds of people. Its activities for leisure are also exceptional, so you’re days off are never dull. Living close to natural attractions may also inspire you to take care of the environment. One day, you might even own a recreational park or a conservation area; who knows?

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