Peaceful Divorce: How to Remain Civil with Your Ex-Spouse

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Not all relationships turn out to be like fairytale stories. You and your former spouse may have had too many differences between each other. But there is no reason not to try to remain civil with them, especially since you used to consider them a special part of your life. So, how and where do you start?

Try to initiate contact

You may have had lost contact with your ex-spouse following your divorce, but it has now been almost a year since you last faced each other in court. You are now living separate — but happy — lives.

Suddenly, you feel that maybe it is time to reach out, perhaps simply to ask how they are doing now. You must be careful with how you make your first move, however, since they could be skeptical of why you suddenly wanted to talk to them.

You can first try to search for them online. Most people are on social media, anyways, so it should be easier to find them. From there, you can open a conversation and start talking. However, these first instances of communication after quite some time will be awkward.

Avoiding awkward conversations can be easily done with enough practice. You have to master small talk and how you can use that to your advantage. Let us say that the conversation has gone stale, then you can use small talk with topics such as observations about present events. From there, you can steer your conversation in a more comfortable setting.

Another way is to keep asking questions. But obviously, you cannot ask too much personal questions right off the bat. But you can slowly ease into it. Start by asking what they have been doing the past few months or what their job is right now. Let them be comfortable with your presence and you can share your information, as well.

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Understand why you broke off from each other

For certain instances, it simply was a matter of personal differences. Your former partner can be an example of such. Too many differences with each other led to arguments and finally, the both of you decided to get a divorce lawyer in your hometown in Colorado Springs, CO.

You both acknowledged that you could no longer settle your differences and so, it was time for you to go separate ways. But the good thing is that you both did your part in keeping your divorce peaceful and healthy.

That is why there is no reason for you not to reach out and try to reconnect. Despite everything that happened, everybody can still be civil and mature about these things. After all, you both understand why you had to make that decision months ago.

Are all old relationships worth patching up? Well, it depends, and only you will be able to decide whether it is or not. If you believe that this person has had some significance in your life, then you should at least try. If not, then maybe parting ways was for the best.

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