Teach Your Child about Preventive Dentistry to Reduce Anxiety

Little Girl at the Dentist's Clinic

Many adults in the United States still suffer from dental anxiety and even fear. In fact, as much as 80% of the entire population feel anxious about going to the dentist, and it’s understandable that many of these individuals are children. These unpleasant feelings have resulted in a lot of young people having untreated dental diseases, particularly tooth decay and gum problems.

One way that you can help your child overcome dental anxiety is to teach him/her about the numerous benefits of preventive dentistry. Your choice of a family dentistry clinic in Avon also plays a major role in making every visit a comfortable experience.

Start with the Basics of Preventive Dentistry

It’s vital that you begin the lesson about preventive dentistry in a way that your children will look at it as extremely beneficial. For instance, rather than starting out with an “if you don’t” statement, it’s better if you tell them that today’s modern preventive dentistry procedures allow them to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Teach them about how it helps them keep their teeth strong and healthy, which then lessens their need for dental treatment.

Proceed with a Child-Centered Lesson on Dental Diseases

Your kids will most likely ask you about dental diseases. Give them an introduction about tooth decay and gum loss, and how these two can result in tooth loss. Emphasize the benefits of preventive dentistry once you reach these topics. Focus on how it protects their teeth and gums in the first place so that they don’t have to experience them at all. Tell them that the better they take care of their teeth, the fewer chances they have of facing these problems.

Presenting the benefits of preventive dentistry to your children rather than telling them outright about the scary consequences of poor oral hygiene will make it easier for them to understand its value. As their parent, you should serve as a role model and have a regular checkup as well.

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