Preparing for a Bumpy Ride: Transporting Cargo in Bad Weather

White refrigerated truck on background of the mountains

The transport of cargo ought to be a little more challenging this week, as weather predictions warn of rains and winds with the possibility of hail and snow. After the balmy weather Aussies have enjoyed recently, rain is starting to set in and the drop in temperature is to be expected. 

For the average Australian employee, this means taking a raincoat on the way to work and perhaps even considering telecommuting. For a company needing to transport heavy cargo from ship to end destination, however, this means paying attention to the following:

Securing Cargo

Now is not the time to forget to check every internal container lashing. You will need the lashings to secure your cargo. Without them secured correctly, you are risking damage to the shipment before it even arrives at its destination. Worse, not using the right container lashing and checking that they are secured may cause road accidents. In a difficult weather, this can cause unimaginable damage. 

Following a Tight Schedule 

Weather forecasts give you an idea of what kind of weather you need to prepare for during that day. As such, you should follow a tight schedule to avoid being stranded on the road if a storm is on the way. Your itinerary should be set before the fleet leaves the drop-off point, and detours should not be taken unless truly necessary. 

Checking Car Engines 

Car engines may sputter due to the changing temperatures. The cold can be a menace on your car's engine, which is why it is important to do a safety check before you head for the road. Double-check that all systems are working properly and if there is any weird sound or smell when you start the engine, have a mechanic see to it first. 

You've already been warned about the weather to expect in Australia this week. Make sure your plans are completed without a hitch by following safety protocols.

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