Taco Bell’s Expansion Plan in Australia Opens New Brokerage Opportunities


If you have been looking for a broker franchise opportunity, then Taco Bell’s three-year expansion plan may give you another reason to have your own brokerage business. The fast-food chain plans to open 50 more stores by 2021, following the success of its flagship store in Queensland. The company’s plan will surely elicit interest from those who want to buy a franchise. This will require the help of business brokers.

Franchise Brokers

The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) said that fees are among the first things to consider before buying a franchise. These expenses include the business of providing consultancy services for interested franchisees.

A typical franchise system may charge certain rates per month for royalty fees and marketing support, among other fixed costs. A brand as large as Taco Bell may require a bigger investment compared to a less popular fast-food chain. The same applies to a commercial brokerage firm. Despite the associated costs, aspiring franchisees of Taco Bell should know that Australians spend more on restaurant and takeaway food.

Fast-Food Spending

Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed that Sydney residents love to indulge themselves on restaurant and takeaway meals, as they spent $112.80 per week on average for such expenses between 2015 and 2016. The nationwide average cost $95.05 per week during the same period, which placed the city as the biggest spender on eating out.

The food service industry responded to this trend by offering more options for home delivery. Many households order from Deliveroo, Foodora, Menulog, and UberEats at least once a week. It’s not surprising then to understand why many have wanted to buy a food franchise, especially since Australians collectively spend $12,300 on food and drinks every year.

A franchise brokerage firm serves as your best option for taking advantage of the stable demand for fast-food stores. Choose a franchisor that offers different services, from consulting to business development across Australia.

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