Sprinter Vans: A Way to Harness the Benefits of Free Shipping

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With the help of a reliable supplier of Sprinter van accessories in Utah, you can keep your van in great shape and increase its lifespan. Having a reliable means of transportation is proving to be a high selling point for your business. Customers appreciate having their shopping dropped off at their doorsteps.

While people love the idea of getting their shopping done without going to store, they loathe the idea of paying for shopping. That’s why they tend to gravitate toward retailers who offer free shipping. Luckily, providing free shipping doesn’t mean that your margins need to take a hit.

Jump into the free bandwagon

You might want to borrow a leaf from the 800-pound gorilla in the e-commerce space Amazon. When the online retailer resorted to giving free shipping on items in some European countries, the volume of orders increased dramatically.

Well, except for one country — France. Apparently, instead of reducing the shipping costs to zero, it was mistakenly reduced to 1 franc, which is the equivalent of ten cents. From the above example, it’s clear that people will go to great lengths to escape paying for shipping.

The fact that they viewed paying a paltry 10-cent shipping fee to be a deal breaker is telling enough. You can use such information to inform your marketing strategy.

The lesson here is that when faced with a choice between offering an item at a discounted rate and offering free shipping, the latter wins hands down. While the monetary gains might be the same, but prospects will value the free offer more. You can ride on that to grow your sales and market share.

Recover your costs

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As much as you’d want to offer free shipping and delivery to your customers, someone has to pick the tab. You need to keep your sprinter van in great shape and meet the fuel costs.

Depending on the size and specification of the van, you can get as much as 39 mpg from these workhorses, which keeps your fuel tab relatively affordable. The easiest way to recover your transportation costs is to work the delivery charges into the value of the item.

You should understand the shipping costs once you receive inventory and work the costs into your financial models. Just be sure to highlight the fact that you offer free shipping at every available chance.

The other approach entails using cross-sells and upsells to get the customer to spend more in your store to qualify for free shipping. The strategy works incredibly well when offering free delivery for items valued over a specific dollar amount. Presenting shoppers with a range of related products that they might need prompts them to buy as they strive to qualify for free delivery.

Having a reliable business van gives you an edge over the competition as it lets you cash in on the benefits of offering free delivery to your customer. People love the idea of having their items shipped for free and will go to great lengths to avoid these costs. You can have them spending a little bit more per purchase and grow your sales.

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