Signs that You Need to Consider Assisted Living

group of seniors gathered in the yardMoving family members to assisted living facilities has never been an easy decision. However, some things signify that it is time to move your parents or senior family members to these facilities. Most seniors will be in denial when they learn that they need to move to the facilities, and it can be scary for them. However, you need to make such hard decisions. Here are signs that your loved ones should move to a retirement home in Utah County:

Home Conditions

One of the signs that you cannot overlook is a loss of attention to detail. A yard or house that is poorly maintained is an indication that a senior has lost interest or is unable to look after the necessary tasks. You need to pay attention to the condition of their house, pets, craft areas, dirty kitchen, and other rooms.

Frequent Injuries

You cannot afford to disregard frequent injuries even if they are minor. Besides, minor injuries become more intense with age, and they are likely to affect seniors' overall health and ability to perform general tasks. Also, studies reveal that falling or slipping is a leading cause of fatal injuries for the elderly.

Social Isolation

It is common for seniors to avoid social activities. However, isolation is not a good sign. You need to move seniors to an assisted facility if you notice that they like remaining indoors and that they do not have frequent visitors like before.

Change in Health

A noticeable weight gain or weight loss is a sign that you should not overlook. The elderly might forget to take meals or to incorporate a balanced diet in their meals. Poor nutrition is detrimental to their health.

The experience of staying in assisted living facilities is a positive one. Therefore, you should not hesitate to move your elderly family member when you notice any of these signs. Your peace of mind and their safety are paramount.

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