How Proper Oral Care Could Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Close-up of woman flossing her teethHeavy tobacco and alcohol use are the primary causes of oral, neck, and head cancers. Just years ago, however, poor dental, which is common among individuals suffering from oral cancer has been considered as a significant risk factor for these cancers. Plenty of studies, including one published in the AJE, American Journal of Epidemiology, stated that missing teeth and overall poor oral condition were top causes of oral, neck, and head cancers.

Fortunately, the study also found that good oral care habits significantly reduced the risk of developing these cancers. With that said, below are tips to help you manage or lower your risk of developing oral cancer:

Avoid using alcohol and tobacco products

Many studies have found that the combination of tobacco and alcohol is the number one oral cancer cause.

Visit your dentist before starting treatment for oral cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with oral cancer and need to begin treatment, you must visit a dentist with ample experience in oral cancer dental care so that you could undergo a thorough dental exam and address whatever oral health issues you have before starting treatment, explains a renowned oral surgeon in Ogden.

Make sure to practice good oral health habits

This means brushing your teeth gently flossing with a light hand after eating, and gargling an alcohol-free mouthwash. You could likewise use an irrigator or pulsating water device for flushing out hard-to-get food particles that could irritate your gums. If your mouth feels sore due to treatment, gargle a solution of 1tsp baking soda, 1tsp salt, and 1-quart warm water for some pain relief.

Go to your dentist regularly

Doing so would help in preventing conditions that might lead to neck, oral, and head cancers and enable your dentist to detect early symptoms of cancer. Also, if you have already completed your treatment for oral cancer, you need to have follow-up visits with a dentist experienced with treating oral cancer patients at least once yearly.

Damaged teeth, gum disease, poorly fitting dentures, fillings or crowns, and cavities are results of neglecting your dental health, as well as causes of oral, neck, and head cancers, and treatment for oral cancer could make all of these dental issues worse. Fortunately, routine and proper dental care could help reduce your risk of oral cancer or prevent it from recurring.

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