Set up a Formal Dining Area with These 3 Elements

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Most modern homes seek the simplicity of minimalist designs, especially at the dining area. Homeowners usually want to keep it looking smart and casual and sleek. But nothing could take away the charm of a formal dining setup, which could make fancy dinners incredibly impressive. It is a must that you have a separate dining area for your formal dinners and special gatherings or that you at least could quickly turn your everyday dining setup into something that spells elegance at every corner in just a spin. Here are some of the essential design elements you must prioritize to achieve the formal dining room look. Read on.

The Beauty of Lavish Furniture

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The most crucial element of any room design is furniture. Your choice of pieces, especially the table and the seating options, could make or break the idea. When you shop for a formal dining room, look into the dining table and chairs set first. There is no need to overdo this because bringing more than your floor area could contain easily make the room look cluttered. The chairs also do not have to be matchy-matchy. You can combine a handsome dining bench in Singapore with classic, upholstered chairs to make it look cosy and elegant at the same time. Other than the table and chairs, you might also need to bring in a few other furniture pieces, depending on your preference. Buy items that work for you and your space so they will be worth the investment. Some of the things you may bring into a formal dining room for both functional and aesthetic reasons include sideboards, buffet tables, and china cabinets, among others.

Bring In Sophistication into your Dining Room Area through Patterns and Colours

The overall design of your formal dining room depends on your style and your taste. But since we need to be particularly elegant, there is the need to make the right choices on patterns and colours to help you achieve the look that you are aiming for. Rich textures and bold colours characterize classic elegance. You may play around with textured mouldings and elaborate rails as well as with the classic choice of colours – from burgundy to charcoal to navy.

Play Around with Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are other vital elements to a formal dining setup. The mood is usually romantic and cosy, so the use of dim lighting may be explored. However, you would not want the area to be super-dim that it’s almost difficult to make out of the people at the table. If you are using dim lighting, make sure that your walls are in classic cream or any other lighter colour. Otherwise, add an excellent source of warm light and make sure it is in a charming style as well

Why would you need to book for expensive first-class restaurants when you have a formal dining area at home that’s only waiting to be glammed up? Bringing in the right elements and styling the space according to the rules of elegance can easily take your dining area to a higher level of sophistication, perfect to meet your needs for a formal setup.

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