5 Household Maintenance Efforts You Might be Forgetting


We might be confident in our home cleaning and maintenance efforts. But have we really done enough to ensure the optimal condition of our household? There are certain areas that need to be inspected and maintained regularly — but these things are also the most neglected. To keep your house in good condition and to ensure the safety of all the inhabitants, here are household maintenance efforts you might be forgetting.

Check the water pressure

A lot of people don’t mind to check the water pressure in their appliances. But it’s an important inspection and maintenance effort that must be conducted. Otherwise, you’ll be running the risk of harming your pipes and breaking your appliances. It also wastes a huge amount of water, boosting up your utility bill.

Check the ideal water pressure that suits your pipes and connectors. Ideally, it should not go above 100lbs. Invest in a pressure gauge or pressure reducing valve to manage your water pressure levels.

Clean window weep holes

A lot of people don’t know this, but most windows are equipped with weep holes. These are located at the bottom of the exterior frame. Their purpose is to drain rainwater that accumulates in the window frame.

These weep holes are prone to clogging caused by debris, dirt, and dust. That’s why it’s a good idea to check on them and conduct the necessary cleaning every now and then. Remove any debris that’s hindering the drainage of water from preventing them from leaking in your house.

Clean refrigerator coils

fridge repair

If you look at the back of your refrigerator, you’ll notice metals and screens near the bottom area. This is where your refrigerator coils are located, and it’s an area that’s prone to severe dust and debris buildup. When this happens, the coils cannot efficiently release heat that’s coming from your fridge. Thus, the appliance needs to work harder to function, using up tons of energy and shortening the life span of the refrigerator.

To avoid costly repairs and cut down electricity expenses as well, clean your refrigerator coils every so often. Use a coil cleaning brush and vacuum to get rid of all the dust particles and dirt clogging the coils and preventing the fridge from functioning in optimal performance.

Lubricate door springs

Many conventional doors make use of springs in order to slide open and shut. These springs are made of metal that’s prone to rust and rapid wear and tear. Over time, metal fatigue or corrosion can take a toll on these springs and cause it to break.

A good way to increase the life span of your door springs is by spraying it with a lubricant every now and then. Doing this once a year can strengthen the springs and prevent rust buildup.

Conduct seasonal furnace maintenance

Neglecting to clean the furnace can cause a lot of potential problems and health risks. Conducting seasonal inspection and maintenance efforts on your furnace will help prevent costly repairs and replacements as well.

Make sure you get a furnace repair service in Salt Lake City, Utah, to check on your furnace periodically. They can help with complicated tasks like testing gas line pressure, lubricating vital components, cleaning the pilot, fixing leaks, and running the necessary tests.

These areas in a home are the most neglected when it comes to maintenance or cleaning efforts. But keeping them in good shape is essential for the health and safety of the entire household.

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