Protect Yourself from Major Online Reputation Disasters

Close-up view on white conceptual keyboard - PR (green key)With an estimated population of 667,137 in 2016, Boston isn’t just the biggest city in the state of Massachusetts; it also has the greatest number of residents. The majority of these consumers rely on the Internet for most of their daily tasks, including entertainment, product research, and of course, doing their homework on services, individuals, and companies they wish to work with.

As a professional or a business owner with an online identity, it’s important that you make sure the World Wide Web only contains information that will help you. Even just a single negative, biased, and untrue opinion about you can ruin all the hard work you’ve exerted over the years.

FireRock Marketing discusses some of the problems you might encounter and the ways to deal with them effectively.

Defamatory statements about you or your business: One of your biggest enemies

What people find online about you and your career or business greatly impacts your reputation, authority, and credibility. No matter how great your products or services are, a few complaints or comments – especially those without basis – can damage you both offline and online.

These reputation-damaging statements can come from a direct competitor or just a one-time, difficult-to-please, or unsatisfied customer. The negative and even dishonest claims they make about you can affect you or your brand.

Protecting your reputation

While “you can’t win them all”, it doesn’t mean you just have to let anyone of the more than 667,000 Boston residents put a dent in your image. You’ll have better control over what other consumers find about you when you enlist the help of professional online reputation management service providers in the area. With these experts in your team, they will use smart and proven strategies to push down the negative comments or replace them with positive ones.

You have the power to maintain a good reputation online and offline. You just have to find the right partner in doing so. Look for an agency that offers high quality and compassionate service.

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