3 Unavoidable Issues Homeowners Face When They Skip Well Inspection


More and more households are turning to wells as their source of all the water they use, be it for drinking, washing, bathing or cooking. This dependence means if any damage occurs to the well, it will affect all activities that depend on that source for water.

If you have been using well water at home, you can relate to the fact that a proper functioning well is critical to your family’s wellbeing. And bracing yourself with knowledge on why wells experience problems will put you in a good position to dealing with these issues when they occur. Common among these well-related problems include:

Electrical issues

If you have an electricity-powered pump instead of a solar-powered one, there are higher chances you will experience electrical failures. Electrically-powered pump motors go out whenever there is a power outage, thus reducing their service life. They are also susceptible to effects of frequent electrical surges.


A well pump can last up to 12 years, but whether it will clock these years will depend on the quality of the water, frequency of usage, and the installation. If your old water pump still looks new, but it is starting to run strangely, it could be because, with age, the pump’s efficiency has reduced.

Poor design or installation

While there are pre-made well installations, most homeowners prefer custom-made designs to meet their unique needs. Whichever the case, poorly-constructed wells always result to leakages or even total breakdown. Also, the place of installation in the proper functioning of wells is unavoidable, Carlyle Drilling adds.


Many well owners worry about contaminants leaching through the soil into their wells. There is, however, another way you can have contaminated water—corrosion, which arises from poor maintenance of the parts of the well. Using high-quality materials will ensure your well-parts do not corrode to release hazardous chemicals into the water.

If your well is the primary source of water for home use, it is advisable you contact an experienced drilling company for an annual well inspection to ensure your well remains in its optimal working condition. Also, confirm that the firm has a solid track record of delivering quality drilling services, Carlyle Drilling adds.

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