Prepare Your Furnace for the Coming Cold Months: Safety Measures You Should Take


With the cold months approaching, most homeowners have prepared their furnace to ensure that the home stays warm during the cold season.

Furnace service providers in Utah, including All Hours Plumbing and HVAC, know that a furnace poses risks to a home if not in proper use and when there is a neglect of the safety measures of use. Some safety measures that you should observe when using your furnace in your place of residence include:

Keep flammable objects away

Although this might seem obvious, people still forget. Ensure that are the objects you place near the furnace are non-flammable to lower the chances of fire occurrence in your place of residence.

Invest in detectors

Furnaces produce carbon monoxide in homes, which can be a health hazard or even cause death. Installing detectors that detect carbon monoxide gas levels in your house will protect your home users from the harmful effects of this gas.

Smoke detectors also protect your home from the excess smoke that come from your furnace. Filters are also essential for an efficient and functional furnace. It is advisable to change your filters at least monthly.

Inspect the exhaust flue

The exhaust is the part that eliminates smoke from your home to the outside. Over time, the exhaust can have a blockage from accumulated dust and other debris.

Once the exhaust blocks, it cannot eliminate smoke from your home effectively. Check the exhaust flue from time to time and remove anything that may cause a blockage.

The furnace is one of the valuable equipment in a home as it provides the much-needed warmth in the cold months. However, the furnace could also pose serious problems to your home should a fire occur, and cause health problems among your family members.

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