Keep Your Porch Warm in Winter: Ideas for Any Budget

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You do not have to abandon your porch just because it is winter. There are some things that you can still do to make your outdoor living area warm and cozy. To continue welcoming and entertaining guests on your porch, you can follow these tips:

Enclose Your Porch

The best way to make the most of your porch despite seasonal changes is to enclose it. If you are on a budget, screens or plastic can be used to provide cover to the open space. However, if you want to use the space whatever the weather outside may be, having glass porch enclosures is the most ideal.

With glass, you can fully see the view outside without obstructions. It also keeps your porch dry whenever it rains, protects you from the chilly wind, and prevents bugs from coming in. Moreover, it allows the sunlight to stream into the room and warm the space.

Installing glass will obviously be more difficult and expensive than putting up a screen or plastic. Aside from the material you will use, you also have to hire a contractor to do the work if you do not have prior experience with carpentry.

Portable Heaters

Heaters may not look visually appealing, but they do the job assigned to them. For your porch, a portable heater will be able to warm a small space for a given amount of time. There are several options available to you depending on your budget and how much room you have: standing, tabletop, or hanging.

If you think that heaters ruin the aesthetic, there are portable heaters that look attractive as long as you are willing to spend quite a bit more money. There are portable heaters that are made to look like a lamp or fireplaces.

Get a Ceiling Fan

Not a lot of people know this, but most ceiling fans have two settings: one to make the blades rotate clockwise and one to make the blades rotate counterclockwise. Fans help circulate the air throughout the room.

The blades of a ceiling fan are purposefully tilted or angled. That makes the direction it moves all the more relevant. Heat tends to rise. If the fan is in the winter setting (usually clockwise), the blades scoop the warm air from the ceiling and send it back to the rest of the room. That way, your entire body — not just the top of your head — feels toasty.

Warm Cushions

Your plastic or metal furniture is uninviting. Go for chairs and couches that use materials that will stay warm in winter. Velvet cushions are not only luxurious, but they will also feel warm to the touch. Chenille, too, is a staple during cool months.

If you cannot change your furniture right now, you can easily buy heating pads and install them on the seats and backrest of the couch.

Provide a Warm Blanket

blanket on winter

You do not have to spend a lot of money to create a cozy and warm patio. Bring out a couple of thick blankets that you can use to cocoon yourself while you read, do your work, hang out with family and friends, or take a nap on your porch.

You can make the most out of your porch by using it any time you want and for whatever reason regardless of the dropping temperature outside of your door.

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