How to Prepare for Relocation 12 Months in Advance

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Most Americans move multiple times in their lives, but that doesn’t mean preparing for another one comes easy. Relocating is stressful, especially for kids. However, you can lessen the stress by preparing everything as early as possible. Preparing months – or even a year – in advance allows you to keep track of your checklist and schedule.

12 to 10 Months Before the Move

Calculate your moving costs and plan your budget. If you’re moving interstate, these costs include hiring a full-service long distance moving company and bringing your vehicle to the mechanic to make sure your car is up for a long drive. Relocation expenses also include moving supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape) and other extra services, such as disassembling and reassembling furniture.

When you’ve determined how much money you will need, it’s time to save some. You can do so by selling your stuff in a yard sale. You can also look for free moving boxes. When you visit your local supermarket or bookstore, you can ask for their spare cardboard boxes.

Nine to Six Months Before the Move

You shouldn’t wait a few weeks before hiring a moving company. Instead, as early as nine months before your move, find a moving company that’s registered with the Department of Transportation. Learn if they have extra fees for extra services, such as carrying boxes up or down the stairs.

If you have the time, visit your new neighborhood and picture your new home. By doing so, you can figure out better which items to take with you. It is also helpful if you have kids as you can scout schools they can transfer to.

Five to Three Months Before the Move

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Change your mailing address a few months before you move to your new home, and tell your friends and relatives about it. You shouldn’t forget to inform your credit card company, bank, and insurance companies about your move. This is so they send bills to your new home when you’ve established residency.

If you live in an apartment, notify your landlord or landlady about your move. Some require a 30-day notice, but it’s better if you inform them earlier. This way, you give them enough time to look for new tenants, and the place doesn’t remain vacant for long.

Two Months to the Night Before the Move

This is the time to start packing. Take only what you need and label the boxes correctly, to make it easier to unpack and find things. During this period, avoid buying new things. It will not only help you save money but will also make sure you don’t bring too much. Finally, say goodbye to your friends. Then, the night before the move, rest well. A big day is waiting tomorrow.

When you prepare months in advance, you make sure you don’t overlook any detail – big or small. This will help you cope with the stress of relocating as you have already started transitioning since the day you drafted your budget.

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