How to Ensure Speed Limits Are Followed in Your Area

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One of the primary concerns for small communities is speeding cars. They can be the cause of many accidents. Many homeowners’ associations curb them by imposing speed limits on the private roads that they occupy. But those limits are useless without proper enforcement. If you want to ensure your streets are safe from speeding vehicles, here are some tips that should help with that.

Put Up Some Signs

Having a speed limit is nice, but if people don’t know there is one, they’ll keep on driving in their normal way. This is why you need to put up speed limit signs in prominent areas. For example, if your community has notable entry points, then signage about the speed limit should be there. Other areas that could benefit from speed limit signs are crossing points and community areas.

Work With Local Law Enforcement

The best way to enforce your HOA-imposed speed limit is by working with the local police. Request for periodic patrols in your areas and welcome unscheduled visits. This ensures that people know that the police are around. This is often enough to discourage potential speeders from putting the pedal to the metal.

Buy the Right Devices

If your HOA has the funds, then you can buy the necessary speed detection devices. For example, Stalker radar gun is pretty affordable and can be purchased at several online stores. With them, you can put up your speed traps, with automatic cameras that can capture the license plates of violators. Some devices can automatically notify HOA members of violations so that you can take immediate action. Your coordination with the local police will also improve if you send them the photos of the violators.

Impose Fines

As an HOA, your association might levy some fines for being caught speeding in your area. This depends on the wording of your association rules. Your leading members might need to call a meeting of the association to implement these penalties, but working with your community on this can make it easier for you.

Construct Speed Limiters

If you want to limit speeding physically, then you might consider adding speed bumps and rumble strips. These can force speeding vehicles to slow down or risk damage to their cars. They have different costs, but they should be affordable enough, depending on the HOA fees. Note that you may need to contact the local government before laying these down on your roads. Local laws might limit the sort of constructions you can do. Besides that, you might need to follow government guidelines on their installation like minimum distance and the like.

Be Open to Experimenting With Solutions

HOAs are all about ensuring the safety and security of the local community. Some of the solutions above may not work in some situations. It is your job to determine what works and what does not. Mix and match to see what gets the best results and then adopt them as necessary.

Slowing Things Down

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Car accidents usually happen when people drive at high speeds. The high speed can also make it more likely for fatalities to happen. This is why imposing speed limits in your HOA’s are can be a good idea. The tips above should help in enforcing those limits.

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