Free Time: Finding Sources of Extra Cash

A Pile Of Cash

Too much time and nothing to do? This should not even be a problem. There are all kinds of ways to keep busy. As you probably don’t mind making some extra cash, why not do something that pays?

If you ever find yourself wasting precious minutes or hours, consider doing any of these suggestions to make some extra money for that vacation or those new sneakers.

Drive for other people

Instead of killing time sitting in your car and listening to the radio, why not use the time to help other people in need of a ride? That’s how rideshare services, like Uber and Grab, work. You can always go offline if you’re done driving for the day. This is one of the most popular side jobs these days. Get on their website and see if your car qualifies, then sign up and start earning.

Participate in a clinical study

There are some clinical studies and trials that will pay for your voluntary participation. Of course, some are riskier than others. If you do have something you’d like to find a cure for and the company administering the cure is capable of explaining the pros and cons of your participation, then why not. For example, what’s the harm in participating in a bunion removal study? Jean Brown Research says that it may be the end to a deformity you’ve been having problems with, and it may also pay handsomely.

Run some errands for other people

Some people are either too busy or do not have the capability or the inclination to run some errands anymore, such as buying groceries or mailing packages. There are apps that connect you with such people. Do a few errands and get paid.

Who doesn’t want to earn a few extra dollars on their free time? It’s even a wonder you still have some time to get bored doing nothing. Try these suggestions and start making money in no time.

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