Facts about London Recruitment Agencies You Must Know

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When you enlist with a recruitment agency to help you find a job, you have little to lose. For one, it won’t cost you anything. The firm will earn from the company that will hire you. While you may already know that, there are some facts about recruiters that not too many people are aware of.

Here are some of those facts that you need to know when searching for the right recruitment agency in London.

Different Names but the Same Functions

You may be confused on which is the correct term. Recruiters, staffing firms, headhunters, employment agencies, and recruitment agencies all mean the same thing. They all do the same thing. They look for candidates to fill job positions for their client firms. They get paid for each hired candidate. The client pays the fee, and the applicant spends nothing.

Full-Time and Part-Time Staffing

A lot of people are of the mistaken notion that recruiters only provide full-time job placement services. That isn’t always the case. Today, more and more companies are seeing the advantages of flexible staffing. Thus, project-based or interim hiring has become popular.

Growth Opportunities

The quality of candidates they recommend determines a recruitment firm’s reputation. This is why many recruiters offer resources that can make their candidates more marketable. These include CPE-accredited courses and seminars, and e-learning opportunities.

Large Networks Provide Wider Reach

A recruitment agency in London such as KennedyPearce Consulting LTD has extensive connections and networks. This makes it more beneficial for job hunters to work with a recruiter instead of going through the process on their own. In fact, some companies do not publicise their staffing needs. They hire only through the employment agencies they work with.

Whether you are looking for a job or for candidates to fill positions in your company, there are many reasons to work with a recruitment agency. Consider these facts when looking for one.

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