Building the Right Type of Kitchen for Your Needs

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From Arizona to Utah, new homeowners are intimidated by the options that go into creating their new abodes. One of the most daunting rooms to design is the kitchen. New homeowners need to think about the type of appliances they’ll need, as well as choose between marble and quartz kitchen countertops and the grain variation of their cabinets—little details that are taken for granted in the past.

Building a kitchen should not be an extremely difficult job, though. Here are some tips that can help even the most creatively challenged homeowner create a kitchen they can be proud of:

What Will You Use It For?

Will the kitchen be used solely to prepare food or will it also serve as the breakfast nook or meeting place for families and friends? Homeowners need to visualize what they’ll use their kitchens for before they do any work for it.

Once homeowners know what they’ll use their kitchen for, it’s time to learn about the parts of a kitchen. Every kitchen has at least three major sections: the working region, the storage section, and the cleanup zone. The working region is where food is prepared and cooked and where related utensils are stored. As its name suggests, the storage section is where the pantry and holding area for various forms of containers are. Waste disposal units, trashcans, sinks, and cleaning supplies are found at the cleanup zone.

Do You Need a Full Stove?

The type of cooktop for a kitchen depends on a homeowner’s living situation and cooking experience. Gas cooktops are ideal for independent homes, expert cooks, or big families. Electric and induction cooktops work best for condominiums and apartments because of their portability.

What Types of Appliances Do You Need?

Kitchen Appliances

A homeowner who doesn’t know how to bake will not need the same appliances as an amateur or professional baker. Professionals who barely have time to cook may benefit from buying a toaster more than a stay-at-home parent. College students may find microwaves more useful than stoves, health enthusiasts opt for blenders over ice cream makers, and foodies are likely to buy sous-vide cookers rather than waffle makers.

Which Countertops and Cabinets Work Best?

Kitchen islands and cabinets generally shape a kitchen along with cabinets. However, homeowners need to think about what type of counters or cabinets are best for their kitchens, and how their appearance will affect their functionality.

Quartz countertops require less maintenance than stone yet achieve the same sophisticated look. However, those looking to do some heavy work may consider butcher blocks instead. Avid breakfasters may rather have a double-tiered cooking/eating kitchen island than a fully functional kitchen island that has a sink and an electrical connection.

Creating or buying cabinets that match is a must for a well-coordinated kitchen. Cabinets should be shaped around appliances, have adequate storage, and should not hamper any movement.

The kitchen is one of the first rooms homeowners see every morning aside from their bedrooms and bathrooms. Whether it’s used as a storage for quick snacks or a workshop to test out new recipes, your kitchen should meet your needs.

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