Forget YouTube Videos and Cookbooks: More Exciting Alternatives to Learn How to Cook

Woman Cooking Mushrooms

The ability to cook is an enviable one. Imagine being home alone with some simple ingredients in the fridge. In less than an hour, a cook will have had concocted an impressive dish, steamy and ready to be enjoyed.

You may learn the art of cooking by spending hours watching cooking shows or burying yourself in a pile of cookbooks. But there are other, perhaps more enjoyable, ways to learn to cook. Here are some unique ideas:

Volunteer at Kitchens

There may be kitchens in your neighbourhood that are looking for extra hands to help them out. Volunteer-run kitchens often prepare meals for people who need them most. If you join any of these kitchens, you will be helping your community while also picking up exceptional skills from a unique group of people.

Study Online

A lot of individuals need structure in how they learn yet do not have the time to go to a real cooking school. Online classes are a great alternative. There are many courses available, both free and paid, that provide a wealth of information in an organised manner to their students. While you miss out on the human interactions with an actual teacher, you get to decide whether you’ll be cooking at lunch time or two in the morning.

If you’re cooking for the family, it’s also great to look at unique resources like portals that provide food safety supervisor courses online. They usually have a wealth of information that tackles the safety aspect of food preparation. If you’re cooking your child’s school lunches, you might want to know what the best practices are.

Help Your Friends

Usually, you’ll have one or two friends who can work magic in the kitchen. Tell them you’d want to learn from them. Most, if not all, will be willing to take you in as an assistant and teach you the basics. This is also an excellent way to bond with friends, as it is productive and potentially fun. To thank them, volunteer to pay for the ingredients.

Learning how to cook may no longer be as necessary as it was years ago, as dine-out and delivery options are now affordable and available. Being able to cook, however, gives you healthier food choices and more opportunities to save.

With the above options, you don’t have to pay much to attend culinary school or invest in a library of cookbooks. These alternative approaches are equally effective, and twice more fun.

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