A Primer on Borate Wood Treatment: How it Stops Termites

County style wooden fenceWood is a natural organic material commonly used in the construction of many structures, including houses. It is much easier to find a house that has wood in its structure than one that doesn’t.

Why wood is commonly used in construction

Wood is a perfect component of construction because it can be easily fashioned into different shapes, painted different colors, varnished, or allowed to retain its most natural aesthetics. It is usually a more comfortable flooring material as it does not get as cold as concrete. Its flexibility and durability, along with its sustainability, make it the material of choice for building homes, furniture, and art, among others.

What causes wood to lose its durability

There are types of wood that are naturally more durable than others. Through the passage of time, however, many types of wood degrade. Exposure to the elements may cause this, but fungi, bacteria, and certain insects can make wood degrade a lot faster. Termites are especially destructive to wood products and structures.

Preserving wood with borate

Borate wood treatment for termites and other insects, fungi, and bacteria may have begun as early as the 1800s. It was only in 1949, however, when borate products for wood preservation became commercialized.

Benefits of borate

Borate has become one the most preferred chemical products for protecting structures from the attack of insects and organisms that destroy wood. This is primarily due to its many benefits. It kills termites, ants, and other insects. It can control bacteria and fungi that cause dry rot. Some formulations may also stop corrosion in wood. There are also formulations and applications that act as fire retardant.

How borate kills termites and ants

Termites may still feed on treated wood, but they may not get far enough to compromise its durability. Once they ingest the treated wood, it disrupts their ability to process food, leading to starvation. The best part about it is, termites may carry and feed it to the colony, so more termites are eliminated. Ants that come into contact with treated wood pass on the chemical to the colony, as well. They also die of starvation because of similar effects in their metabolic functions.

Ask your pest control service provider regarding borate preservation of wood if you are having problems with termites, ants, and dry rot.

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