Understanding The Differences Among The 3 Types of Furnace


Buying appliances is a big decision, as they cost a lot and you want them to last long. For instance,buying a furnace can involve many factors. You have to choose among single stage, two stage, and variable speed furnaces. You’ll also want to know the differences between them in order to come up with a good decision. Learn more about your options if you’re planning to buy a furnace in Indiana:

Single Stage Furnace

Manufacturers designed custom-made single-stage furnaces to heat your house throughout the coldest weather in your area. These units operate at a full volume when they are running, no matter what the temperature is outside.

Two-Stage Furnace

There are two heating stages for this type of furnace: low and high. The low stage operates at a lower capacity. It will keep your home warm as long as it can until it requires additional power. It will make sure your house stays at the same temperature as your thermostat and this is when the high stage begins. This type of furnace usually operates at a high capacity of 25 per cent at the time that it is on. This multi-level function allows for the even distribution of warm air into your home and it helps lower air fluctuations. On days with moderate temperature,a two-stage furnace is more energy efficient because it stays on the low stage. This also offers a greater amount of comfort because of a constant flow of warm air on cold winter days.

Variable Speed Furnace

Variable speed refers to the blower motor instead of the furnace itself. The motor controls the amount of air the blower should send to your house. It comes with intelligent technology that can determine the airflow and speed that is suitable for your location. When it comes to choosing the right furnace, you have to make sure you are making the right decision. This appliance will stay in your house for a long time, so there is no room for mistakes. Buy only from a reputable furnace supplier to ensure product quality and reliability.

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