5 Advantages of Building a Backyard Studio

a backyard studio

Home additions always add to the overall value of a property. These are usually in the forms of decks or swimming pools among others. One of the newer additions that are seeing popularity today is the backyard studio. In essence, these are tiny home built somewhere on the property—often detached. These can serve any number of functions like rentable rooms, an outdoor office, or even a what people a granny home.  If you have the space for it, it’s worth the investment. Here are five advantages and benefits to building them.

1. Value

Any construction correctly done will add to the overall value of your home. That’s especially true when you talk about quality additional living spaces built on your property. The benefit of added value doesn’t have to apply to people who are about to sell their property. It also comes into play when leveraging your property against, say, a loan, for instance. For this alone, it makes it so worthwhile to invest in a studio in your backyard.

2. Utility

Another benefit to this is that you can use such a studio for so many different useful purposes. You can use it as a detached office to give you peace when you need to sit down and be serious. You can even use it as a refuge and an escape filled with all the things that get you relaxed. Finally, you can even use it a guest house for any visitors to ensure that they get to stay in comfort and peace themselves.

3. Earning

Alternatively, you can even use a backyard studio as a means to earn a little extra on the side. You can rent it out in the traditional sense with a tenant paying monthly rent to you. You can set it up for more modern means like Airbnb which some says earn more in the long run. Whatever the means that you do to get there, you can earn off of a backyard construction like this if you’re entrepreneurial enough.

building a backyard studio

4. Care

Another application of a studio in your backyard is for use as a granny flat. These are specially crafted spaces that are best suited for those of the older generation. The difference here lies in the design of the home itself. More spaces, a focus on safety, and accessibility are all that distinguishes a granny flat. Whether this is for your own aged loved one or rent out to any other, this makes this type of studio a great investment.

5. Price

Finally, it doesn’t even cost too much to construct such a backyard studio. For one thing, the materials are usually lighter than that of a full home. For another thing, the utility far outweighs the cost of building it, to begin with. This makes it a smart investment that you benefit from immediately.

If you’re looking for a great extension for your home, then a studio in your backyard is one you should consider. These five reasons are strong enough to sway you towards the investment. Build on and reap the benefits today.

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