4 Hacks to Help You Achieve Whiter and Healthier Teeth

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People generally want their teeth to become healthier and whiter every day. However, some moments will require you to seek solutions fast. An urgent job interview or meeting the parents of your partner might urge you to try extreme things other than brushing and flossing. Fortunately, some household items are available to help with your dental hygiene needs. Keep in mind, though, that these should not supersede brushing two or three times daily. As dental clinics in Townsville note, it is still best to visit your dentist regularly.

For now, let the hacks below help you get instant results and gain the confidence you need:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mouthwash can help cleanse your mouth from bacteria. However, it might not do much to help whiten your teeth. Fortunately, you can use hydrogen peroxide as a potential replacement for dental products.

Hydrogen peroxide has a lower price tag compared to the mouthwash. It also acts as a bleaching agent and a disinfectant at the same time. When you gargle this chemical product, you will have healthier and whiter teeth. However, you should always keep yourself safe when using hydrogen peroxide. You will need to grab the chemical household product that only has less than 3% concentration. You must also avoid swallowing the chemical at all costs. When you finish rinsing the chemical, you should gargle a lot of water.

Baking Soda

Coffee, cigarettes, and food will often cause stains, which makes our teeth yellowish. It will be challenging to remove the stains if you fail to gargle water regularly. Fortunately, baking soda can help you effectively and efficiently remove tooth stains. Baking soda acts like a cosmetic whitening product, which is a common trend. However, the household product does not remove the essential tooth enamel that protects teeth. You will have to apply baking soda on your teeth at least twice a week. Brush your teeth with this household product to help spread its useful attributes in your mouth. You will start to notice positive results after a few weeks of baking soda brushing.

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Frequent Water Rinsing

Sometimes, the most effective hacks are the simplest ones. Water is available to us at all times. You will find a lot of ways to get access to water, especially when you are eating a meal. Food particles might stick inside your mouth, which could introduce you to bad breath and other damaging mouth conditions. When you gargle water daily, you will lessen the residue inside your mouth and keep your teeth and gums clean. If you are a cigarette smoker, you need to rinse water to avoid getting stains.

Tongue Scraper

A lot of people often forget to clean the surface of the tongue while brushing. However, there might be thousands of particles stuck between the taste buds. You might end up suffering from bad breath if you fail to keep your tongue clean. Fortunately, the tongue scraper is available to help you. Most dental hygiene tools do not include the scraper in the kit. However, you will need to keep the tongue clean to avoid growing bacteria. The scraper is similar to the dental floss’ purpose, which is to remove the smallest particles that can wreak havoc inside your mouth.

Dental hacks can help you achieve immediate results and make your teeth white and clean, but it would be best to maintain your mouth’s health by going on regular dental checkups. Set up appointments with a dental clinic if you want to keep your teeth clean and white at all times.

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