3 Essential Design Tips for an Ideal Hotel Lobby

hotel lobby

The lobby plays a pivotal part in the hotel’s battle for success. You will need to make a good first impression to get people talking about your establishment. As most of your customers will see the hotel lobby first, you need to focus all your creative ideas in designing the primary floor. There are a lot of options when you want to make your lobby as welcoming as possible. You can choose to put up furniture and recreational activities that adhere to the hotel’s theme. You may also choose to follow the timeless designs of classic hotels. To make this even more successful, seek help from a company that specializes in commercial interior design in Melbourne. Let these layout tips be a must for your hotel lobby:

Start with a Big Space

The hotel lobby is the busiest area in your establishment, which means that you need to allot a big space for incoming guests. People from all around the world will be squeezing themselves in the ground floor, especially during peak season. Your hotel guests will need to get the keys to their pre-booked rooms at the reception area before settling. However, it means that they have to line up.

Waiting in a confined space will be irritating for your hotel customers, which will not make a good impression. A big space will give your guests a lot of room. You will also have a lot of space to add aesthetically-pleasing designs for your lobby. For instance, you can add a big chandelier that will captivate your guests or a fireplace for your customers’ convenience. First impressions will determine your hotel’s success. With a spacious and welcoming lobby, your hotel will stick in the minds of your guests. You can also add recreational activities, restaurants, bars, and lounge areas to create an entertaining ground floor.

Make the Reception Area Accessible

hotel reception

The reception is in charge of putting guests into rooms. The front desk is also where most of your customers will be asking questions. Your guests will be looking for the reception area the moment they step inside the hotel lobby. However, you will cause an inconvenience if you fail to put your reception in a visible location.

Strategic placing is integral to the hotel’s front desk. If your customers need to waste time to locate the reception area, they may decide to avoid booking at your hotel on their next visit. Aside from placing the front desk in a visible area, you must also hire reliable receptionists. You will need your staff to answer all the questions your customers will have when staying at your hotel.

Hide (and Secure) the Elevator Location

During the peak season, your hotel will be full of people who are eager to get things done while on vacation. It is ideal for your hotel to accommodate your guests quickly. However, you should prioritize your hotel security as well. Interior design plays a pivotal role in keeping your establishment safe from thieves and trespassers. If you want to avoid letting unwanted people inside your hotel, consider making your ground floor elevators hard to access. Hotel lifts are usually behind the front desk and have a security team nearby to check bags and people. You will be able to impress your guests if you can assure their security.

The lobby will be the face of your hotel. If you put a lot of effort and thinking into the interior design of your entrance, you will have an easier time getting regular visitors for your establishment.

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