What Are the Advantages of Building A Carport Instead of a Garage?

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Whether you live in Sydney or Brisbane, carports usually cost less than building garages for homes. You can spend below $1,200 to build a single carport made of galvanised steel with a skillion roof.

A carport with a gabled roof and electrical systems will be more expensive, as well as bigger ones for two or more vehicles. While most carports are usually unenclosed, you can choose to add walls as an extra cost.

The Key Advantages

A standard carport protects your parked vehicle from rain, snow and sunlight. The need for enclosures may be necessary only if you live in an unsafe neighbourhood. Stand-alone carports are also a better choice when you think about possible burglaries. Unsecured garages and carports with direct access to homes can be a perfect entry point for criminals.

Homeowners can also turn carports into outdoor rooms where they can see guests, provide a play area for children or as an additional storage room or workspace. A big-enough carport can even accommodate recreational boats, motorbikes and other personal vehicles. Depending on its type, a carport may increase the resale value of your house.

Different Prices

The size and construction material are possibly the biggest factors that affect the total cost of building carports. Galvanised steel carports with skillion roofs for two vehicles may cost at least $2,000. Once you choose a two-car type with a gable roof and extra space, the price can increase up to $4,000. A 6m x 3m aluminium carport costs an average of $3,200, but design and style options are more varied when you have a larger budget.

You can stay within budget by choosing an angled or flat skillion roof. Avoid installing a tiled roofing style as it can be more expensive than gable, pitched hip and other roof styles. Other factors that contribute to the overall price include labour fees, cement slabs and surface preparation. You also need to account for building permits and local council fees.

Things to Remember


Planning a carport installation will be easier after reviewing your local city council’s rules on building one. In Brisbane, carports are classified as accepted developments that must comply with the requirements for different locations in several zones. You should do some research if your property has a dwelling house character overlay, hence requiring it to meet with the requirements for different zones:

• Low-density residential zone

• Low-medium density residential zone

• Medium density residential zone

• Character residential zone

If your house isn’t located within an overlay, it might fall under any of the following zones:

• Environmental management zone

• Emerging community zone

• Rural zone

• Rural residential zone

• Township zone

New carports in Brisbane usually don’t require a permit when it’s considered to be an “acceptable development.” You will need to secure approval if it becomes an “assessable development.”


The actual cost of a new carport will depend on the type of materials, custom features and permits if necessary. You can spare yourself from unexpected costs by comparing quotes from at least three licensed contractors.

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